The Truth Is…

In a perfect world everyone would tell the truth. The truth is though that a lot of people are scared of the truth. They are scared to tell the truth and scared to hear the truth. Sometimes we are scared to admit the truth to ourselves.

Maybe the truth goes deeper than: “does this make me look fat?” Or “I’m on my way”-when you haven’t left yet. Maybe the truth is “I’m hurting”, “I’m hiding”, “something isn’t right but I don’t know what it is”. Continue reading “The Truth Is…”

Let’s Talk About Anxiety

The topic of anxiety has come up in regular conversations lately. Not just regular anxiety, which I have, but social anxiety (I also have this).

What people tend to think social anxiety is:

  • Being shy
  • Unwillingness to be social
  • Not liking people
  • An excuse to get out of doing something

All of the above might appear to fall into the category of social anxiety but truthfully those are the things that someone without social anxiety just assumes about say…me. I think people assume these things because they truthfully don’t understand the concept of social anxiety. Mental disabilities are just now coming to light for a lot of people. You tend to only understand something based on what society tells you to understand about it. But if you earnestly do research on the issue you will find that social anxiety is something much deeper than “being shy”.

What social anxiety actually is:

  • The fear of being judged negatively
  • Feeling of inadequacy
  • Overwhelming emotional distress
  • Inability to function in a social situation
  • Heart palpitations
  • Blacking out or severe blurred vision in social situations


My number one symptom of social anxiety is the first bullet point above. I did not recognize that I had social anxiety until well into my adult years when I looked back at my school years and it clicked that the reason I had “those” feelings was because of social anxiety.

Here are some of my personal scenarios:

  • In elementary school we would take turns reading aloud. I would absolutely go into panic mode when this part of class happened. My heart would race, my stomach would churn, and I mean extreme pain, my palms would sweat, my head would pound, and my vision would blur. I was terrified that the other students would judge me based on my ability to read (I was a fine reader), the speed of my reading, what if I didn’t know how to pronounce a word? What if I read the wrong sentence or paragraph. And the truth is that when kids are reading aloud, no one is really listening. So, why was I so terrified?


  • Asking for help from the teacher. This was a big one from me and it hindered me so much and it lasted all the way into college. I thought that if I raised my hand, went up to the desk, and admitted that I didn’t understand the assignment that my classmates would think that I was stupid. This paralyzing fear hurt me more than it helped me because I failed to learn certain subjects which caused me to be held back in classes like math and I was forced to be tutored after school and in the summer. Even at the desk jobs that I held as an adult-if I didn’t know how to do a task I would google it instead of asking for help.


  • Attending camp, youth events, small groups, bible studies, etc. are also things that petrified me. The fear of being called on, saying actual words out loud, being forced to mingle, participate in an activity in front of a group-these things happen-it’s part of life. Again, this is the fear of being judged in front of a group of people. Being disliked based on what you say. If I saw people whispering to each other I automatically (and irrationally) assumed it was about me. I still struggle with joining small groups.

The three scenarios above are all true, they are all about me and they are the reality of social anxiety. What bothers me the most is when people tell me to face my fear head on by joining in, by doing, putting myself in those situations that make me “uncomfortable”. Saying phrases like that does not help my social anxiety. Just like telling someone to snap out of their depression just doesn’t work.

Here’s what will probably work (for me):

  • Being supportive- “I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. I don’t personally understand but I’m willing to try.”
  • Offer help-“I will go with you to this event and if you feel overwhelmed just let me know and we can leave.”
  • Don’t be forceful. Volunteering me to do something, signing me up for something, insisting that I go to an event are not helpful. I will sink into my shell and probably try to shut you out. Not because I want to but out of the fear that it will happen again.

Because of my anxiety it takes me a little bit longer to get warmed up to new relationships, new ideas, and new activities. I like to sit back, observe, get to know my surroundings before I jump full force into something. I like to try new things but it has to be my idea. I like to make new friends but I’m hesitant to open up until I get to know them better. One on one situations work best for this.

Through the course of counseling I have been able to manage my anxiety and social anxiety pretty well. My counselor has given me activities to do, apps to try, and breathing techniques that have honestly helped me cope in most situations. Am I cured? No, I will always have this and in a way I am okay with it. It is a part of me. But I do feel like I need to do my part and help educate the general public about the reality of social anxiety and shut down the false facts that people assume about social anxiety. I do my best to pass my anxious burdens to God. It’s not easy. He knows my needs and I give them to Him regularly. In the midst of a panic attack I can whisper the name of Jesus and feel a calm surrender.

Those who suffer from anxiety disorders aren’t weird, anti-social, nut jobs. We are trying to simply cope with all the world gives us in the best way that we know how. Sometimes coping is leaving an event early, staying home when everyone is going out because you’ve been overwhelmed past your limit for the week, spending a little extra one on one time with your bestie or significant other and no one else.

Even though you may not understand social anxiety try to offer those who do have it some grace and we will try to do the same for you.

If you are interested in learning more about social anxiety I like this Social Anxiety page.

Introverted Mom

Oh man, I am so an introvert. I absolutely cannot be in front of people. I do not like to be the center of attention. Please don’t make me talk to a group, lead a group, read out loud in front of a group. I was the kid that would sweat bullets when the teacher said “lets read out loud” or “I’m going to randomly call on people to answer the questions”. Lord help me my introverted-ness and my anxiety was absolutely paralyzing in school. I only realize that now…it was not obvious back then.

Most of the time, I need time to recuperate after an event. Being social drains my energy. I attended a bridal shower a few weeks ago and I literally needed 3 days before I felt normal. My energy was drained from forcing myself to be social. Every Monday after church is my recovery day from being around people. Life can be exhausting in the most unusual ways.

It may not seem that I am an introvert on paper. It’s easier to share my thoughts when no one is looking back at me. Blogging is serious therapy for me because I can get my words out without being in public. People can read it or not…thats not the point…I’ve said it before but I like to share what I am going through so that others who might be going through something similar will not feel alone.

It is so difficult to be an introvert and to be a parent. I want what is best for my child! I want him to be social and to thrive in situations where there are lots of people. I want him to be outgoing and to be able to make friends. How can I teach him that when I don’t even like leaving my seat during the “shake hands” time during church?

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

I would love to be involved in mom groups or play groups but, to be honest, that kind of stuff is SUPER out of my comfort zone. I do not like new social situations- especially when there is no one that I know. We recently took a swimming class and that was out of my comfort zone but I felt that it was important to learn water safety since my little man loves the water. The first day of class I nearly had a panic attack because I didn’t know what to expect. We made it though. And it was great. We didn’t make any lifelong friends but I was able to be a normal human being for the sake of my child.

One thing that I have noticed is that my little man is okay with social situations. He willingly approaches other kids. He shares his toys with them. He initiates a game of tag. These things make me so proud as a parent. I cannot believe that a child of two introverts is able to build a social life better than we can.

Little man and I were in the airport last week and he was restless. There is not a lot to do for an almost 2 year old in a small airport. He was drawn to other families with kids. He went to them, he shared his tractor and a little girl, who was several years older than he, willingly played with him while we waited to board our plane. I did not have to do a thing except supervise. Praise God!

I am doing my best to step out of my comfort zone as a parent to allow for more social situations for my kid. We go to the park and to the library and that’s fine for us right now. Hopefully I will be able to overcome more barriers as he gets older and more social settings will be happening.

I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. Philippians 4:11

As much as I do not like social situations I also have a need to be around other adults from time to time. That is why I am okay with having a few close friends. I can share with them because I trust them and they know me. Over the years I have learned that a few close friends is better than a thousand acquaintances. One thing is for sure and that is that God has been faithful to provide for me the right people in certain points in my life. My close friends have not always been the same people. They change based on the season of life that I am in and I believe that God does that on purpose. He always provides what we need at the moment we need it-even for me as an introvert.