Made in the U.S.A.

I’ve been trying to be more mindful of buying American made products. Have you ever gone to the store and picked up an item, any item, and looked where it was made? It’s not always easy to find that little “made in” tag.

As an American citizen I want to do my part to help my country and my economy. Even more so I want to help my local town. I really do try to shop local when I can but with all this Covid stuff it’s been hard to get into places-especially with my kids in tow. I also enjoy buying gifts on Etsy to support small businesses. This year I ordered cupcakes from a young local baker instead of from our big box store bakery.

I was doing my laundry today and decided that as I folded my clothes I would look at the tags and see where those items were made. I found 2 pieces of clothing that were made in America and one that said “made in Honduras with American products”. I’m not sure if that’s any better than just “Made in the U.S.A.” I felt ashamed.

So anyway…I’m writing this to ask YOU what your favorite American made brands are. Clothes, household items, beauty products. Anything.

I want to also state that items made from a “Fair Trade” market also peak my interest. I strive to buy ethically made items, beauty products and even ethically grown food.

Please let me know your thoughts and your recommendations!

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