Not my favorite sandwich

What you see: me in the hospital hallway texting at a mile a minute for 10 solid minutes, never looking up.

True story: keeping family and friends updated on my dads condition in the hospital.

What you see: me handing my kid my phone as a “pacifier”

True story: giving my kid a distraction so that I can accurately communicate with nurses and doctors

What you see: my family eating fast food for the third meal in a row

True story: we spent 9 hours in the emergency room and I can’t even begin to process cooking a meal

What you see: the three baskets of unfolded laundry in my house

True story: there are 4 more baskets in my dads apartment that I need to wash and fold too.

What you see: me wearing pajamas/yoga pants in public.

True story: I ran out of clean clothes 3 days ago and haven’t had the time or energy to do ANOTHER load of laundry

What you see: me pushing my child in a cart through the grocery store with my phone glued to his face.

True story: we were in the hospital all day and needed a few things. My child couldn’t take it anymore and so I handed him my phone so he could decompress while we did just one more thing.

What you see: my unwashed dishes in the sink

True story: there’s a dishwasher full and a sink full in my dads apartment too.

What you see: me letting my child run crazy in the hospital hallways

True story: he’s been sitting still for hours on end in a tiny ER waiting room and has energy to burn.

What you see: me being “disrespectful” by sitting down with my feet on another chair in the hospital waiting room.

True story: I’m 7 months pregnant, my back hurts, my feet are swollen, I’m tired, I needed to step away from a situation to clear my head and rest my body

What you see: me smiling and being polite to people around me, occasionally complaining that this is too much

True story: I cried for 2 hours straight because this load is heavy. The love and concern that I have for my dad and the rest of my family and just want everyone to be taken care of. The pure exhaustion from just managing this type of lifestyle.

This is called the “sandwich generation”. I care for my dad and I care for my babies at the same time.

This is my reality. Many others live a similar life.

I do the best that I can to keep things running smoothly. I do my best to keep my family fed and happy. I do my best to get to everyone’s appointments on time. I do my best to keep loved ones informed of pertinent information.

Be kind. You never know what someone is going through.

Don’t judge the mother who just hands her child a phone or iPad so she can have 10 minutes to clear her head.

We all struggle at some point in life. There is a purpose. You will get through this and you will come out on top.

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