A sad reality. 

Technology has come a long way. It still baffles me that we can carry a computer in our pocket. But I witnessed sadness on our recent vacation to Disney. 

There were families everywhere not even acknowledging one another. Children were walking around playing games on their phones rather than enjoying the ‘magic’ of Disney. 

I know that people work hard to pay for this very expensive, possibly once in a lifetime trip, and to just play on your phone instead of enjoying your family and experiences is mind blowing to me. 

I admit that I too was on my phone but I limited the use to the camera and Disney app (for wait times, reservations and fast passes). I occasionally posted to social media if I was waiting in line for a ride by myself or waiting for Luke and Jack was asleep. 

There were so many people walking around not even looking up from their devices. Some of them even ran into me and didn’t utter an apology or excuse me. One boy literally stepped on our stroller as we were walking. Didn’t even phase him. 

If you are going the lengths to take your family on a vacation, any vacation, take time to engage with them. Ask them questions about their experiences. You will not get this time back. Your kids grow up too quickly. Make memories of your family, not your phone. 

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