Our Disney Trip

Yes. We took our one year old to Disney. Will he remember it? No. But this was my reasoning behind the trip…We were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. I had thought long and hard about what I wanted to do to celebrate and after finding out that Luke only had a few days to take off work I settled on Disney. I did not want to have to work on this trip. I wanted to be taken care of and Disney did just that. Disney gathered our luggage at the airport, drove us to our resort, provided excellent customer service, amazing cuisine, entertainment, transportation to the parks, a beautiful room, and paid special attention to little man. 

Disney’s Magical Express to the Polynesian

If it were not for my dad we would not have been able to have the ‘fancy’ trip that we did. We enjoyed several upgrades due to his generous gift of financing the airfare, hotel, and park tickets. We only paid for food and souvenirs. THANKS DAD!! 

Packing: I’ve posted about how I pack in a previous post. I stuck to my basic rules. We took a total of 2 carry-on size suitcases, a diaper bag and a backpack holding our new, amazingly compact stroller; the GB Pockit. 

Day 1: We arrived in Orlando on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks to online check-in I received a notification that our room was ready while we were on the Magical Express to our hotel. We went directly to our room upon arrival took a little breather and headed to Disney Springs. We had tickets for Cirque du Soleil La Nouba. It was incredible! The show is ending in December so this was a must do on my list. Little man had a few minor tantrums during the show but it had been a long day and he was exhausted. Little man fell asleep on the bus back to the hotel so we called it a night.

Day 2: Little man is an early riser so we got up, had breakfast and took the Monorail to Magic Kingdom just to take the boat back to our hotel. Then it was nap time. The only plans we had for Wednesday were lunch reservations at Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs. This is a farm to table restaurant and the food was truly amazing! After lunch we just shopped around and headed back to the Polynesian resort to swim. The pool is beautiful! We were able to enjoy a few moments before a thunder storm kicked us out. After a second nap we headed to dinner at the Contemporary Resort. We conveniently took the Monorail over there and had a wonderful dinner in the Contempo Cafe. After taking the Monorail back to the Poly we headed to the pool to swim and watch the fireworks at Magic Kingdom which could be seen from our resort. They even piped in the music from the show. It was a great view! 

Day 3: We had an 8:00am breakfast reservation at Be Our Guest inside Magic Kingdom. Even though I don’t think the quality of the food was worth the price we paid I do think it was worth it to be inside Magic Kingdom before it opened. We were able to get pictures without a ton of people in the background. We were also able to enjoy several rides without waiting in line. This day was hot. The heat index was 107. As the day wore on the amount of people was overwhelming. We had a great time though and were able to ride almost all the rides. The only snafu was a thunderstorm that shut down Splash Mointain just as Luke was about to ride. We enjoyed an amazing dinner at The Diamond Horseshoe then headed back to the Poly. We decided to forego staying for the fireworks because it had been a long, hot day and we had watched the fireworks from our hotel the night before. 

Day 4: Breakfast reservations at Ohana’s inside the Polynesian started our day. This was s family style, character breakfast. The food was delicious and little man was able to meet Lilo and Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. Stitch was outside for photo ops and the other characters went table to table. Little man was overwhelmed. He loves the characters. We spent the afternoon at the pool and walking to the Grand Floridian to explore. We had dinner reservations at the Poly for the Spirit of Aloha dinner show. This was family style as well and there was a lot of singing and dancing Hawaiian style like a luau. This was a great experience! 

Day 5: Animal Kingdom! Due to the new Pandora land opening recently Animal Kingdom was packed! The good news was that most of the rides had little to no wait because everyone was checking out the Avatar sites. We managed to snag fast passes to ‘Flight of Passage’ thus avoiding the 3 hour wait in line! It was an amazing ride and I would gladly wait in an hours long line to ride it again! We also enjoyed a safari ride, character experiences and delicious food. However, it was hot! So, once we had our full of the park we headed back to the hotel. We went swimming one last time, had dinner in our room and packed to head home. 

Day 6: thanks to the magic of Disney we were able to check our bags for our flight home right from the convenience of our hotel. We had a quick breakfast and said our goodbyes to Disney and flew home! 

This was a great trip. We desperately needed this time together as a family. Even though it was hot and little man threw a few fits we enjoyed every aspect of this vacation. Even Luke, the man who hates to travel, said he wished we could have had a couple more days. 

2 thoughts on “Our Disney Trip”

  1. wonderful pictures of your happy family; great trip for an equally great 10 years …. and the log about the “necessary?” phone — all I have to say is could that be extended to ‘dinner/lunch dates’ ??? (even at home) In other words, AMEN to someone willing to admit when I was little it was’nt an option and I’m greatful.


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