Things people don’t tell you before you have kids 

Sleep is a thing of the past. I knew that parents didn’t get a ton of sleep but I had a rude awakening when I was getting only three hours or less of interrupted sleep. It has gotten better but oh boy I would love to get a solid eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Kids get into everything. I always said that my kid would never do that. Ha! My child opens every cabinet and drawer that he is able to and pulls every item out and scatters it like land mines for me to step on. 

Cleaning the house with a child present is unrealistic. I’m slightly OCD and like things in their place. As soon as I get one thing done I turn around to another disaster. I have learned to let some of it go.

You will never go to the bathroom alone again. I pee with an audience. I also fight with my child to not stick his hand in he toilet while I’m going and to stop hitting me with the lid of the potty. What an adventure.

You will be hit, kicked, head-butted, and bit more times that you will ever be able to count. We are working with little man on his hitting habits. It’s not been an easy journey. I’ve been bitten out of nowhere and have bled because of it. Why? I’m hoping it’s a phase. 

Once kids start moving they move fast. As soon as I get him corralled and “occupied” so that I can wash the dishes I hear him in the mud room putting all the dog food down the floor vent. How did he get all the way across the house in 3.25 seconds? 

Silence isn’t always a good thing. I found him one day in his room pulling all the diapers out of the trash. They were open and dirty wipes were everywhere. 

The more you say “no” the more they want to do that thing. I cannot keep my child out of the kitchen trash can. Lord help me. The more I tell him no the more he pulls out and carries all over the house. I’m working on teaching him to put things in the trash and find items from my pantry in there…

I say all of this with a light heart. Having a kid is definitely a lot of work but it is also a lot of fun. I have had to teach myself to not have high expectations of anything. That has been a long hard journey. I often offer my child grace for making a mess. He’s just learning, playing and exploring. It’s all part of life. 

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